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We are Italian

Unico is an idea sparked from a visionary Bolognese family for which gelato is more than just a simple dessert.

The brand’s journey began in 2015 and in just under six years has grown to five stores in London, one in Milan and one in Lisbon.

We love authentic gelato

Italy’s gastronomic tradition is handed down from generation to generation. Just like our grandmothers dedicate hours and hours to prepare amazing dishes in our families, we do too love to invest time and energy when preparing what we offer to our customer everyday.

We think big

Dreaming to expand across the globe, we made room for our sister brand with stars and stripes: Gelato&Co. The brand sparked from the union of the award-winning Tuscan gelato maker, Stefano Franceschi, and Unico founder, Gianluca Vitali, who supported Stefano’s dream of bringing high-quality gelato to USA.

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